Bored Piles

Bored pile is a circular reinforced concrete pile which is used as a foundation to support high-rise buildings, bridges, heavy industrial complexes, etc. Which diverts severe structural loads deep into a more stable soil layer.

It is designed and categorized into two types: Skin Friction Piles and End Bearing Piles, depending on the soil condition where the piles shall be constructed.

The company provides rotary bored piles in diameter from 60 cm to 200 cm to depths of 60 m. In addition, all the drilling machines are equipped with the latest advanced systems to indicate all pile data while working. We start the drilling using the Pile machines with bentonite slurry until we reach the required depth. After stopping the drilling mud, we start lifting the drilling bit out of the hole, to install the steel reinforcement. Lastly, Concrete is the pumped to the pile from the bottom to top up to the surface of the ground.

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