Micro Piles




Micro piles or mini piles could be defined as bored pile of diameter ranging from 20 cm to 30 cm and can be constructed up to 40 m depth vertically or inclined despite the small diameter, their heavy steel reinforcement can sustain axial loads. The construction is characterized by light weight and compacted equipment allowing the execution works in restricted areas. Capacities vary depending on the micro pile size and subsurface profile. Allowable capacities of micro pile can exceed 40 tons. This method is characterized by light weight and the equipment’s allowing execution of work in restricted areas with free movement and installed by conventional drilling and pressure grouting method.


Uses of Micro piles:


- Strengthening of residential buildings and redistribution of loads.

- Transfer loads to the existing layers of soil without causing any settlement to the buildings.

- Strengthening the foundations (Isolated Footings).

- Reduce settlement resulting from increased loads.

- Strengthen the bearing capacity of soil.

- Enhance the ability of the buildings to withstand the forces of earthquakes.

- Fit in all types of strengthening because of its small diameters.

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